Where can I get 33405 Dental Implants?

When you are missing teeth it can feel like a challenge to eat, smile and speak. Tooth loss can adversely affect your life in a number of ways, but with 33405 dental implants, our team of professionals at Garine Prosthodontics can restore your smile with the most lifelike and cosmetically pleasing results. Dental implants recreate the look, feel and function of natural teeth, to improve your oral and overall health, as well as your quality of life.

33405 Dental Implants

If you have lost teeth for any reason, including periodontal disease, injury and extensive decay, you may be a candidate for treatment with 33405 dental implants. A dental implant is a small, surgical post, made of biocompatible materials, which integrates with your jawbone to support a customized dental prosthetic. Placing an implant makes it possible to replace a single missing tooth or multiple teeth, without compromising any adjacent teeth. Moreover, dental implants provide continued stimulation to the surrounding bone to avoid the loss of volume and facial support that is often associated with tooth loss. An individual implant can be used to support an individual crown, just as your natural tooth root supports your tooth. Implants can also be used to anchor a fixed bridge or to stabilize a removable denture.

Using implants to support a full-arch dental bridge or denture provides added stability without the use of messy denture adhesives. Dental implants are also easy to care for, requiring the same routine of brushing, flossing and periodic dental visits as your natural teeth. With a 98% rate of success, dental implants offer a predictable and permanent solution to tooth loss, and people living with implants report feeling satisfied with the results of treatment. At Garine Prosthodontics, our team of dental professionals keeps you informed and helps you feel at ease throughout the process of placing and restoring your implants, and customizes treatment to best suit your individual needs.

At Garine Prosthodontics, we provide 33405 dental implants, to reestablish a smile that is beautiful and complete. We provide leading-edge approaches for all your prosthodontic, restorative and cosmetic dental needs. To find out if you are a candidate for treatment with dental implants, give us a call today.

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